Letters and Press Releases

September 2019 Governor Whitmer’s FY2020 Budget Presentation Notice to SERA Members
April 10, 2018 Survey finds Medicare Beneficiaries at Risk from Card-Replacement Scams Notice to SERA Members
August 4, 2013 Pension Tax Filing Notice to SERA Members
May 7, 2012 Michigan State Employee Retirees Association Endorses Protect Our Jobs Ballot Proposal Press Release
December 3, 2011 SERA Calls for Repeal of Pension Tax Press Release
December 2, 2011 Senior Groups Push for Pension Tax Repeal Press Release
November 18, 2011 Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Pension Tax Press Release
October 19, 2011 Ingham Court Rules Against AG Bill Schuette on State Employee Domestic Partner Benefits Press Release
August 10, 2011 State Pension Tax Unconstitutional, Retiree Groups Contend in Joint Court Filing Press Release
June 28, 2011 State and Federal Retirees Plan Joint Friend of the Court Brief Challenging the Tax on Public Pensions Press Release
May 13, 2011 Michigan State Employee Retirees Association Resolves to Fight the Unconstitutional Raid on Public Pension Funds Press Release
May 11, 2011 To All Michigan Senators concerning HB 4361 and HB 4480 Letter
April 25, 2011 To all Michigan House of Representatives Members concerning HB 4361 and HB 4480 Letter