Chair Talk

March 2022

I have been contacted by ORS to recruit some retiree volunteers to help with the MI-Login issues. Below is the email I received on March 3, 2022

Good morning Bob,

My name is Travis Peake and I work with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services. Your name was given to me as a contact to reach out to for potential retiree volunteers for a usability study. The State of Michigan (SOM) is conducting this study regarding the MILogin single sign on feature. As you are likely aware, retirees need to access MILogin in order to get into certain SOM applications, with their retiree miAccount being one of those applications. Below is the invitation script in case this is helpful to send out when asking for volunteers:

Email draft

Subject: How can we improve the State of Michiganís MILogin Single Sign On system?

Hi [name],

We are working with a user experience team to develop ideas for improving your experience on State of Michiganís MILogin Single Sign On system. We see you are retired and we would love to speak with you about the MILogin single sign on system. Your insights will be valuable to us as we identify ways to improve the website for everyone.

We know your time is valuable. If you accept our invitation, we would like to show our appreciation for your participation in this research with a $75††gift card. Sessions will be 45 minutes long and will be conducted by our research team via video conference (you will need a computer with a web camera).

If youíre interested in participating, please reply back to this email by Sunday, March 6th with your name and e-mail address. If you agree to participate you will receive a follow-up email inviting you to officially join and select a time that works for you.

Your opinion is important to us! Thanks in advance for helping us improve the State of Michiganís MILogin Single Sign On experience.

Thanks, [name]

For the users that would like to participate in this usability study if you could please reply back to Travis Peake ( and Chantele Geisenhaver ( we can pass along the volunteers to the Slalom SOM team who is conducting the survey. Slalom will add them to and that will allow them to select a time slot that works for them and will allow them†to receive their incentive.†† I know the script says if we can get a response back by this Sunday, but if we can identify some folks by this Friday afternoon, that would be great

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Travis Peake (517-284-4357)

Editor’s note: Bob Kopasz is Chair of the Michigan SERA Council. He may be reached at P.O. Box 692, Mt. Morris, MI 48458; phone 810/240-8380.